Shlomi Shalev is an accomplished chef with a specialty in pastries and Asian cuisine.His impressive and vast knowledge of the cooking trade is due to many years learning and working in top restaurants and culinary schools in Israel and abroad.
Shlomi’s incredible versatility has allowed him to develop his career and take it to new heights. He now offers gourmet cooking and baking workshops to individuals and groups, event catering and consulting services for the restaurant industry.
Shlomi says: “I demand of myself the highest level of professionalism and this is displayed in all aspects of my work. I insist on using the freshest ingredients possible and spare no expense when it comes to the preparationof my most gastronomically and aesthetically-pleasing dishes.”

For further information, please call Shlomi at 052-8862096 or send mail to shlomi.mychef@gmail.com

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